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#1  Commercial Power Washing Service Provider in Atlanta GA

We Provide Commercial Pressure Washing Services in Atlanta GA

Commercial Pressure Washing Services, Commercial Power Washing Services

Atlanta's  Trusted Commercial Pressure Washing Service Provider!

We are Experts In
 Pressure Washing of Apartment Complexes 
 Pressure Washing of Parking Garages
Soft Washing of Commercial Buildings
Pressure Washing of Schools, Facilities
Power Washing Restaurants, Gas Stations, ETC!


Our Commercial Concrete Pressure Washing Services will elevate the appeal and shine of your commercial property! 

Wether you're the owner or property manger of a Commercial Property we are here to help you on your next Pressure Washing Project!

Our Industrial Grade Equipment is fit to tackle any size property wether it be a Large Parking Garage or an Industrial Facility all the way to Churches & Schools our team of pros are on standby ready to help Power Wash your Commercial Property!

Our Commercial Concrete Pressure Washing Services will not only elevate the appeal of your business or property, but will also ensure the concrete is slip free and safe for your customers to walk on!

We Provide Top Rated Commercial Pressure Washing Services
in Suwanee GA!


Our Commercial Building Pressure Washing Services will bring the shine back to your Commercial Property!

Our Process of Washing Commercial Buildings is a safe low pressure method called soft washing, in which the technician applies the necessary detergent onto the building that will effectively remove any mold, algae, rust, oxidation, etc. Once the detergent is applied the tech will rinse off the treated area with low pressure revealing the newly cleaned surface!

Wether you're looking to have your Apartment Complex, Restaurant, School, Facility, pressure washed - Kodesh Pro- Wash is equipped with all the necessary knowledge and equipment to tackle any job big or small!

We Provide Top Rated Commercial Pressure Washing Services in Suwanee GA!


We also offer Professional Roof Cleaning Services to various kinds of roofs such as; Asphalt Shingle, Metal, Concrete Tile, Tiles, etc. 

Our Commercial Roof Washing Services will not only boost the curb appeal of your commercial property but also prevent issues caused by the algae growth such as wood rotting, leaks, rapid decay of roof!

Our Technicians are equipped with proper knowledge on how to handle different kinds of roofs, and also the right chemicals and equipments. Kodesh Pro-Wash is also fully licensed & insured to insure the safety of both our techs and your property!

If you're a property manager or commercial property owner get in contact today and one of our representatives will be in touch to help you every step of the way!

We Provide Top Rated Roof Washing Services in Suwanee GA!




Our Apartment Complex Pressure Washing Services will transform the appeal and make your complex standout!

We work with many property management groups in the Greater Atlanta area - and will even do Apartment Pressure Washing Projects in Florida, Alabama, Tennessee, North/South Carolina!

For more information, and or if you'd like a quote for Pressure Washing of an Apartment Complex please reach out by clicking the button below and our project managers will be in touch shortly!

Apartment Complex Pressure Washing Services


Our Parking Garage/Deck Pressure Washing Services is designated to improve the appeal/ condition of your parking garage!

Our Parking Garage Pressure Washing Service aims to power wash all dirt, grime, buildups. We also use industrial grade detergents to treat oil, transmission stains that have been left behind by vehicles! We do provide hot water cleaning if necessary.

For more information, and or if you'd like a quote for Pressure Washing of a Parking Garage please reach out by clicking the button below and our project manager will be in touch shortly!


FAQS About Commercial Pressure Washing

How much does Commercial Pressure Washing Cost in Atlanta GA?

Commercial Pressure Washing Prices are based on 1. Scope of Work, 2. Intricacy of the Job, and 3. Expenses required for the Job.

When in search for a bid or quote on your commercial property always remember the obvious, the larger the job the larger the price will be. Also, make sure the company you're hiring is qualified to do the job correctly, the cheapest option is not always the best option in the World of Commercial Pressure Washing!

If the Pressure Washing that needs to be done on your commercial property is complicated and will require many steps and procedures to be done well it will also be a determining factor on the cost of the project!

And lastly, Some Commercial Pressure Washing Projects require Lifts, Boom Lifts, large amounts of chemical & gas expenditure, etc! When it comes to Commercial Pressure Washing there are certain machinery companies will need to make sure the job is done correctly!

What is your Commercial Power Washing Process?

Our Commercial Power Washing Process is not too different from residential cleaning, it is just on a much larger scale!
When it comes to power washing concrete we will determine wether the concrete is covered with organic growth such as algae, mold, lichen or if it's covered in grease, oil, rust, oxidation.
Concrete with Organic growth will be treated with (Bleach) to kill off the organic growth and then power washed. While Concrete with stains such as oil stains, or grease will be treated with industrial de greaser and depending on the condition power washed with either hot or cold water! Rust & Oxidation is treated with another specific chemical.

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